Textile Hartampas
Textile trading company Hartampas was originally established in 1986 and was initially specializing in the trade of apparel fabrics. During these years the company has been constantly offering low prices and high-quality textiles both in the local market of Thessaloniki and throughout Greece. Today, the variety of fabrics has been expanded to include clothing fabrics, curtains, furnishings, decoration fabrics, fabrics for traditional folklore suits and clergy vestments. As a result of this enlargement, the company now occupies an important part of the textile market. In view of the excellent fabric quality and service of our customers, the company constantly chooses to add textiles that follow the market trends and adapt to the needs of its customers.

Hotel Equipment Hartampas
Keeping up with the needs of the market, the company has expanded in 2008 by creating a second firm which specializes in hotel equipment. The scope of work for the newer firm includes complete renovation and/or reconstruction of hotel units, rented rooms, dining areas e.t.c. covering the full range of work. Small and larger businesses can find personalized furnishing of their spaces concerning the fabrics of their choice and can also choose the right clothing for their needs through a range of items and qualities, as well as find interior and exterior decoration solutions. Many years of experience in the field, as well as our collaboration with experienced architects and decorators, puts us at the forefront of this kind.